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We are currently looking for beta testers to verify the functionality of the new Jabber (non-ssl) and GoogleTalk parsers.  For this release we will not be having a private beta program but instead recommend that any user with packet capture/ethereal/network diagnostic experience give it a try and send an email to the developer if they encounter problems.  Most likely you will be asked to provide a packet capture and may be asked to test special builds to address your problem.

IM Sniffer 1.0 Release Candidate 5:
        IM Sniffer RC5.rar
        IM Sniffer RC5.zip

Other ways to help

    Provide Translations:

        For more information check out the translations thread in the forums.

    Spread the word:

        Recommend this software on forums and blogs.

        Tell your friends.

        Review it (downloads.com has 1000 downloads and only 1 review)

    Submit Bug reports

        Try and crash the software and then email or post even the smallest bugs.


        Donations needed for Multilanguage controls & speed testing software

        Donations of web/domain hosting would help with a new website

        Donations for alternative download sites help get this software out there

       All donations can be made for general use or for a specific purpose.


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