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  • Get it from CNET! <-May not work until file has been updated on their servers


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What's New in Version 1.0.344:
* GoogleTalk decoder
* Jabber decoder
* Multi-Language Support (using downloadable language files)
* Support for AIM Express V.5 (current) has been added
* Additional debugging features
* Latest version of winpcap
* Support for .pcap files
* Support for email address DNS resolution
* Can now be installed and run as a service
* Redesigned Settings window
* Loads faster
* Optimized Packet Capture import code (aprox. 10x faster)
* Ability to disable AIM parsing
* More accurate adapter information (to make up for winpcap using ndis adapter information only)
* Drop-downs dynamically resize to ensure no information is cut off
* All controls used by the application have been specifically designed for it (including a new unicode tabstrip)

Bug Fixes:

* Minor GUI formatting to support the aero interface
* Support for very high port values (vista uses the full ipv4 port range) - fixes messages not being logged issue
* Correction to passwords accidentally being set
* Fix for welcome wizard password reset vulnerability
* Protected files warning
* Better previous install detection (prevents conversion wizard from starting unnecessarily)
* Message boxes now support multiple languages and use optimized system-based code
* Fixed bug where messages to new clients are dropped in aim chat
* User join/leave messages now show for aim chats
* Capture files display time/date in local system format
* Fixed minor search wizard bugs
* Fixed potential MSN scanner bugs
* Fixed resize crash bug
* Fixed automatic update timeout
* Various changes to the decoder chain to increase speed and stability

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