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Currently this project is only worked on by the IM Sniffer team.  However, anyone that thinks they have something to add to the project is welcome to join.

While not an official part of the project, the following have created significant parts which make this project possible:

  • The Winpcap Team


  • Gaim - Jonathan Clark's OSCAR documentation

Also, thanks to the sourceforge community for their help:

  • eczeyes - For help with dynamic pages and setting up the forums

  • pravin - For help with Yahoo Messenger

  • ibrahimm - For help with MSN Messenger

  • master2004134 - For creation of the 0.7 installer

  • sbalaji12 - for creation of the database access dll

Finally, thanks to everyone that downloads this software.  Without good bug reports and feature requests this wouldn't be possible.

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