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% Complete

Features Included in 1.0:
Multi-Language Support (using downloadable language files) 100% included in 1.0
Install and run as a service 100% included in 1.0
Redesigned Settings window 100% included in 1.0

Record Jabber/Google Talk

90% included in 1.0

Features still under development:

Help File

85%-(English) included in 0.9, expanded version available for 1.1

Intelligent buddy-name detection

Allows decoding engine to analyze entire packet for buddy name, allowing it to support future versions of AIM, MSN/ICQ and Yahoo.

Postponed due to 100% correct detection with current algorithm

Features that we would like to implement:

Ability to log file and picture transfers in MSN.

Email me if you can help with this or have any knowledge/resources on it.

0% - Hopefully before 1.1

Total Number of Bugs Fixed: 12

 Previous Versions:

Features Included in 0.9:

High Speed Conversation Searching

100% included in 0.9

Additional Unicode Support 100% included in 0.9

Error reporting/debugging tools

100%-included in 0.9

File Protection

Prevents Log Files from being viewed or edited from outside IM Sniffer

100%-included in 0.8/modified for 0.9
Auto start setting built in 100%-included in 0.9
Conversation Converter

To ensure compatibility with previous versions of IM Sniffer

100%-included in 0.9
Welcome/Setup Wizard 100%-included in 0.9

Unicode Support for AIM

100%-included in 0.8/modified for 0.9

Password Protection

100%-included in 0.8/modified for 0.9

Parser Speed Enhancements

0.9 is 3.7x faster then 0.8 (average parser time/packet)

100% included in 0.9

MSN Scanner

To scan all ports for MSN conversations is unnecessarily processor intensive.  As a workaround, only specified ports are scanned.  Version 0.9 will include a scanner to find these ports.

100% included in 0.9
Log file/picture transfers in Yahoo 95% included in 0.9

Features Included in 0.8:

Record Yahoo

100% included in 0.8

Conversation Searching

100% included in 0.8

Word Filter

Allows all conversations to be searched for keywords (so conversations of interest can be isolated)

100% included in 0.8

Auto Scan

Automatically searches all messages as they are received and alerts the user if they contain keywords

100% included in 0.8

Unicode Support for MSN

100% included in 0.8

Unicode Support for Yahoo

100% included in 0.8

Web Server Support

Generates HTML web logs with index file

100% included in 0.8

Proxy Server Parser

100% included in 0.8

Read/write .cap files

100% included in 0.8

Link Redirection/Security

100% included in 0.8

Log writing and raw packet filter performance optimizations

100% included in 0.8
Features Included in 0.7:

Delete Empty Files and Folders on exit

100% included in 0.7

Be more graphical/Easier to use

100% included in 0.7

Time/Date logging (as well as new .imr message logging format)

100% included in 0.7

AIM/AOL Chat room support

100% included in 0.7

Record ICQ

100% included in 0.7

Can minimize to system tray

100% included in 0.7

Ability to log file and picture transfers in AIM/AOL.

Wasn't easy but its done

100% included in 0.7

Record MSN

100% included in 0.7

Record AIM Express

100% included in 0.7


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